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President Abinader: “We will give each tourist who comes to the Dominican Republic free medical insurance”

September 2, 2020 | 4:00 pm

SANTO DOMINGO. – The President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, said that the Dominican Government would provide tourists who come to the country free medical insurance, as part of the measures to relaunch tourism in the coronavirus pandemic face.

The head of state expressed himself in those terms this Tuesday during an interview with CNN in Spanish and the journalist Camilo Egaña.

“This is a novelty we offer to the entire international tourism sector,” said the president. While maintaining that the delivery of medical insurance would ensure that “if (the tourist) has any contagion or becomes hospitalized, which is a minimal possibility, the Dominican government will pay both the medical costs and transfer to their country of origin.”

COVID-19 update regarding the Dominican Republic:

After two months of social distancing efforts and mandated quarantine, the Dominican Republic has decided to extend the state of emergency and curfew (7 pm – 6 am) until May 17, 2020 for the safety of its residents and guests.

You may have heard rumors or reports that the country is reopening some small businesses, however please note that Minister of Finance, Juan Ariel Jimenez, publicly announced Monday that the government does not have a specified date for reopening the Dominican Republic’s economy.

We are pleased to share that major U.S. airlines have announced dates for resuming flights to the Dominican Republic!

  • JetBlue will resume flights from New York to Santo Domingo June 29 and from New York to Santiago on June 28th.
  • American Airlines will schedule flights from New York to Santo Domingo and Santiago beginning July 2nd.
  • Delta Airlines will also resume flights between New York to Santo Domingo June 28, with United Airlines following suit slightly earlier on June 30th, and flying from New York to Santiago on July 4th.

We understand that many of you may prefer to avoid commercial airlines at this time. Dominican Republic airports are receiving private planes as well.

The Santo Domingo Airport (airport code: SDQ) is located relatively close to major tourist destinations, such as:
* Casa de Campo Resort: 63 miles (102 km), approx. driving time is 1h 15min
* Punta Cana: 104 miles (168 km), approx. driving time is 1h 50min
Please notes that driving times may vary due to weather conditions and traffic

Most Covid-19 cases are in the National District, and areas that encompass the capital, Santo Domingo, and Santiago. The virus is not found in considerable numbers in tourist destinations such as Punta Cana and La Romana.


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