Dominican Republic


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Perfectly holiday!
Absolutely great vacation!!! Glad we got the mix up straight. We loved the resort!!! My wife said she has never been more relaxed. Chicas excellente !!! Wife wants to know if we’ll get a good discount next visit.  Ande was a true professional, he really goes the extra mile for customer service.  We’ll be back!!
Jeanny & Ronald
Karina is much better in life than on photos. She looks perfect and behaves as your girlfriend. I recommend her.
Thanks Caribbean!
Very pleased I chose Caribbean Relax Vacation. It was FANTASTIC. The girls were hot and very into me. My room caribbean suite was beautiful and I LOVED the fact that there weren’t that many people hanging around outside or by the pool. That allowed more freedom and privacy. I had some fun in the pool. :-))
Thomas, NY
Luxury villa
Мы были четыре друзья, у нас был большой дом с бассейном. Каждый день у нас были вечеринки с девушками и много веселья и секса. Карибский релакс дал нам шеф-повара из Европы !!! Это был действительно праздник нашей мечты! We was four friends and we booked a luxury house with a swimming pool. Every day we had a private party with girls and great fun and sexual intercourse. Caribbean Relax provided us with a chef from Europe !!! It was really a holiday of our dreams!
Sergei, Moscow
Punta Cana girls
My wife and I had a great time. We had the intentions of having several girls while in Dominican Republic, but we were having so much fun with Jesica we decided not to change. In fact, all of the staff were cordial, respectful and helpful. Thanks for a great time…
Caribbean Relax best agency!
Caribbean Relax hmm… how can I write you a testimonial hmm? Lets see…hmm. Shall I talk about the 10 smoking babes waiting for me when I arrived? NAH! Shall I talk about the sick ass pool party you threw me? NAH! Shall I talk about the steak and lobster? NAH! Shall I talk about the 18 year old Scotch and the bottles of Dom? NAH!! Hey, I know… I’ll talk about the sex… Hubba Hubba! 7 girl s in one day…BOOM!!!! Your name says it all…  I’m coming back after my divorce and you’re throwing me a divorce party!! Mutha fuckaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!
Clark, fucking London
Great time!!!
I have long hesitated whether web site reality or fake. Then I booked the holiday and paid the month in advance. I was nervous all the time :-)) I flew 12 hours from Holland. On arrival, my bodyguard and two beautiful girls waited for me! I was tired but happy! It was really my best vacation in life !!! I will fly early with my friends. Special thanks for Valentino !! Thanks
Johan K. Amsterdam
Sex, sex, sex…

I was apprehensive to reserve this vacation originally because here I was an American traveling to a foreign country with a big wad of cash and I didn’t know anyone or what to expect but my host was very professional. He explained everything to me over the phone the week before I arrived, met me at the gate with beers, security and an animation staff that cracked me up the entire time. He really made me feel very comfortable from the moment I reserved my flight to the second I left. I highly recommend Caribbean Vacation. Make sure you call and speak to Caribbean Relax. He will take care of everything for you. If you want to take a classy adult vacation, this is the company to use.

Hello, just wanted to take the time and thank you for a great vacation experience. We really enjoyed the time we spent with Becki she was a great companion and took great care of us. We look forward to our next visit.The only issue we had was that the driver was expecting a single male rather than a male and female couple.  Aside from that we had a great experience, and look forward to staying longer next time. Thank you.
JR, Las Vegas
I used Western Union without a problem! I recommend!
Mejor vacaciones
Gracias por mejor vacaciones con chicas magnificas! Regresare pronto!
Jose Mendoza